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Meet The Early Birbs

The Early Birbs are a first of its kind, community-created collection: a collaboration between Noun Cats' Co-Founder and pixel artist Dean Harvey and the Noun Cats community!

Many people contributed traits and 1/1s that make up The Early Birbs collection (with a few Nounish surprises thrown into the mix)!

Claim your Birbs below or mint a Noun Cat here!

Early Birb
Early Birb
Early Birb

A community-created collection

We've never seen this done in the NFT space before!

We teamed up with our own community to create traits and brainstorm ideas for what should be in The Early Birbs collection...then we brought it to life!

Noun Cats' co-founder Dean Harvey taught pixel art classes and we all got to work.

Alongside our community, we also worked with legendary artists in the Nouns community to produce incredibly fun traits and 31 1/1s you've just got to see.

We hope you enjoy the Birbs as much as we've enjoyed making them together.

All proceeds from The Early Birbs go to the Noun Cats / Early Birbs project treasury.

Thank you to everyone who participated in making this collection with us!

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